Saturday, May 14, 2016


We celebrated being moms today at Aunt Jess's.  Oliver came home for a while and spent the evening with Mommy celebrating and letting her work quietly on her finals for school.  

Aunt Jess, Aunt Ali, and Mommy started the celebrating
of being sisters, moms and Aunt Ali's birthday
with a concert last night:

GWEN STEFANI!  A lot of others played, but 
this is who we came for!

Mommy loved dancing with her sisters!  (She
probably should do that a little more.)

Celebrating More:

Claire was on a roll with her imaginative
stories today!

Aunt Jess made yummies.

Shane and his great grandpa.  Sweetness.


Cousin play.

Mom and kiddo pictures:

More sweetness:

Sad because they shut the door on him.  His
feelings were so hurt.  But he looked so sweet and
cute when he cried.

Bye Grammie and Grandpa! 

Happy celebrate your mom late day.

Oliver is off with his Daddy and Scout who is doing 90% better.  That is what Oliver said.  Mommy will see Oliver tomorrow afternoon after her Girls on the Run team runs their first 5k!  

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