Tuesday, May 31, 2016


We had an evening full of Scouting.  First, Oliver spent time after school with his dog Scout, resting, taking a break from the Boys and Girls Club and getting routines done.  Then he met Mommy at home where we quickly scouted out the area where the city worked on broken water pipes yesterday.  Our water was off for about 8 hours.  

Then we scouted our way to the Ginder's for a den meeting...

Mommy and Cathy went to a Trails End Popcorn Seminar
to learn about the products and do activities that weren't
very helpful (Mommy isn't being negative, just honest.)

Oliver had fun at his meeting!  When Mommy 
got in her car to drive home, she found that BOTH
headlights are out.  Only one high beam works.
(Great.  This really shouldn't be happening.)

Oliver sang Mommy some songs to make
her feel better.

Just kidding.  She wishes though!

Oliver fell fast asleep and is looking forward to a field trip at the Zoo tomorrow!  

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