Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Today was a nice day.  Mommy picked up Oliver a little later because she stayed at the celebration practice with her Girls on the Run team.  They partied, ate pizza, cake a Grandma brought, and sorted through a lot of pictures Mommy printed up.  It was fun!

One of our coaches wrote this for the girls.  It
is Perfect.  (It is a good reminder to always
strive for your best, but that nobody is perfect.)

Like this...Oliver just needs to practice.
She found this in his folder.  

We were not having a perfect evening with homework.
Mommy had to set the timer a few times to give
Oliver breaks or keep him on track.

Math waiting for him.

He was in his room listening to a story and playing
his drum.  Mommy took a picture but it wouldn't
download.  (Oh well, nobody is perfect.)

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