Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Long Day

Today was a LONG day.  Mommy couldn't get Oliver to school because an accident and freeway closure near our home made ALL the surface streets congested.  Oliver got to school by Daddy because he was able to meet us near Target to help Mommy and Oliver get on with their day.  Oliver had a good day at school, he said tons of kids were late.  Mommy did too, she went on a field trip. Luckily she made it to school in time for the bus.

Pictures from Mommy's field trip to the Midway
Museum in San Diego:

Star of India

(Mommy has final exams and final papers now.
She'll get it done.)

Oliver and Mommy are still planning to visit together!
He wants to go!

Mommy really, really likes this picture of her 3rd graders.
They were learning about the FOD line on the flight deck
where they pick up nuts and bolts that can get sucked in
a jet on take off.  She just sees major potential and 
possibilities for her students in this picture.

Coronado Bridge.

Good story behind the real kiss.

Mommy and Oliver were talking about
POWs in the morning.  There is a heartwarming
story behind this picture and POW bracelet
from Vietnam.  

We will be back.  Together.

Mommy stayed for her Girls on the Run
team's 5k practice today to help motivate
the girls.  She coaches on Thursday normally.
Mommy ran a little over a 5k.
Those are marks for each lap on our track.

But she was about 30 minutes later picking up Oliver.
He was excited to see her....but also tired from
his LONG day.


We had a good evening at home.  LONG days are good,
but home is so nice.   

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