Monday, May 16, 2016


We had a weird morning commute.  A pretty bad accident happened right in front of us and we were both scared and shook up as we watched a big truck being pushed by another truck to our adventure Subaru.  We called 911 and hopefully everyone is ok.  We went for a run at Lake Hodges to shake it off after school.  Oliver talked about how it really scared him.  Mommy didn't realize he saw as much as he did.  Lake to the rescue.

Seeing a caterpillar.

His gears or his leg muscles were too tired today
to get up the hill.

Quail somewhere in there.

Red winged black bird.

We rushed home to get ready for Oliver's pack meeting
at Dixon Lake:

It is really neat that we live near such pretty
recreation areas!

Spirit time for Health and Fitness month!
Oliver has weights in his hand and is wearing
a sweat band.

Webloes competing. 

Grady putting the award, Den 7 won!


Wolf badge ceremony.

The bears had a visiting bear!

Oliver volunteered to go up and talk about why
the U.S. has Memorial Day.


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