Saturday, May 21, 2016


We took it easy today in preparation for BRAD PAISLEY'S concert tonight!  Mommy will post pictures tomorrow!  We are SO EXCITED for our first real country music concert together!  Mommy has been a fan of Brad's for a LONG time!

Building this morning.



(Stay tuned for more!)  

Update:  Here are a bunch of pictures from last night.

Tailgating.  Playing with a football.  Brad has 
a song that is all about college football!

Oliver wouldn't stop playing.

He was super chill and in control.

Oliver has known how to spell country since he was
about 4.  (Mommy LOVES country music!)

Mommy has been WAITING so 
long to be able to see Brad live.  
She wasn't going to miss this show!

His new cowboy har.

Mommy got a new hat too!


Special occasion soda.  No falling asleep!




Oliver played garage band on Mommy's iPhone
to try and mimic what he was hearing on stage...

So happy as we were leaving.
Mommy is glad Oliver was able to enjoy the
experience with her!

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