Tuesday, March 8, 2016


We had a nice evening together.  It was full of running around the house, doing homework, reading, talking "facetime" with Rachel and Waylon, looking at summer calendars, and more!

Oliver's den meeting was cancelled because
the flu is going around the leaders house.  
Hopefully, everyone gets better soon.
We packed his uniform for the Pinewood Derby
which will be on Saturday!

Tuesday homework and resting.

Mommy was getting some greens from the garden
for breakfast and lunch tomorrow. A friend decided 
to hitch a ride!

Another nice email from Oliver's teacher!  He is
just zooming ahead in his reading!  YES!  His 
teacher is just zooming ahead in her teaching- she
got Teacher of the Year at Bernardo!  And, she 
also announced this is her last year, she is retiring.
Oliver is lucky to have her this year!

A glimpse at his awesome report card!  He
has made such great, scholarly progress
this year.  Mommy is so pleased.

Oliver is off with his Daddy tomorrow.  Oliver has his first guitar lesson tomorrow at 5:00 through the City of Escondido!  Mommy can't wait to hear all about it!  Then he is turning in his Pinewood Derby car afterwards.  Mommy will see him at the Derby on Saturday to cheer him on and watch him afterwards for the day!  She can't wait!  (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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