Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Spring is almost here!  We can see it and smell it all around our Follow My Heart Garden.  (Someday, Mommy will add more to that blog.)  We enjoyed being in our yard for awhile.

Front yard.

Pretty alyssum. 

Lavender is thriving.  Still needs new plants in the pots!

These purple trees take off!

We ate the oranges or tangerines.  Kind
of sour for Mommy, but Oliver ate his up!


Mommy picked this falling sunflower up and
wrapped it up around some others to get it to 
stand tall.  (Just needs a hug and a little help.)
Nothing much.

Our spring starters.  At least for now.

Eating his orange.



But, so good.  

Enjoying for a few minutes.

Pea vines.

Helicopter searching for a man.  We saw some
police activity when we were driving home.
Guess it got a little more worrisome.

We went inside.  Just in case.  Oliver watched
from our beautiful window and had his BB gun
within arms reach.  Just in case. Sigh.
The drama seemed to stop a little later.

Homework tonight.  Look at his math test
score!  He loves the internal rewards of 
his work.  It makes him feel so good.

Homework for both of us.  

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