Saturday, March 26, 2016

Study Saturday

We had a study kind of Saturday.

Brad Paisley was on the radio.

Oliver was studying how he could strum his guitar
to Brad's music.

We went to get some reading material for Oliver
to listen and study.

Mommy is figuring out how to get her studying
done properly this semester. 

Finding him locating the books he wants
makes Mommy happy.  No one needs
to study that, its a fact.

Now if he'll actually listen to it.

Poster + Book on display.  (Mommy is 
too tired to think of a witty comment.  But
there has to be one.)

Making a mess.

Where is he?

Oh in the garage.

Painting.  Mommy needs him to study how to paint
with a drop.

And how to clean up!

We are looking forward to Easter tomorrow and studying all
the cute face of Team Cousin!

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