Tuesday, March 1, 2016

BSA Scouting for Food

We've had a busy week.  One of our commitments was to get out Boy Scouts of America Scouting for Food door hangers to our neighbors.  

We attached these and Oliver went to 
about 15 of our neighbors to put these on their

He rode his bike while Mommy ran walked.

We got it all done before it got dark.

Peek at our backyard through the missing fence slats. 

Oliver came home and starting reading some
books Mommy brought him from her school's
book fair.  Literacy week this week! 
(Another commitment.)

Oliver used a homework pass.  Mommy
was a little grateful for this. 

Mommy cleaned out his lunch bag.  He 
always gets notes from Mommy.  Good
reading practice!  Unfortunately, he was
a little upset later in the evening because
he believed he was wrongfully accused
of being loud in the bathroom with other
boys.  He had to move his clip down.
He never gets in trouble at school.  He
was upset.....Mommy reminded him
to BE happy!  

He was pretty stoked thought when Mattias came
over and gave him a whole bag of food
to donate!  Awesome!  

Oliver set it out and we will go around on Sunday
afternoon to pick up the rest!  (Its nice living in
a neighborhood where Mommy can help Oliver
learn about community and sharing.)

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