Friday, March 18, 2016


Grammie helped Mommy get Oliver today so he could make it to an appointment in Encinitas.  Mommy met them there and is glad to be with Oliver.  He is on his two week SPRING BREAK!  Our breaks do not overlap at all.  Bummer!

Waiting for an excited kid!

We ate really good dinner at Chicks.  

He was sad he couldn't eat a whole chicken.

Mommys food. (Chicken.)

Oliver's food.  It was a half chicken.  He still couldn't
eat it all!  

Then we went for a swim!

We haven't been swimming for awhile!

We love having the pool mostly to ourselves.

He still has his swim techniques down like
a pro.  Thankfully.  Mommy is still able to 
float on the noodles and kick her feet a little.


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