Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pinewood Derby

 Pinewood Derby 2016!

Location: Bear Valley Middle School

Entering...Oliver was sneaking looks at all the
trophies!  He loves to win stuff!  (He might
get that from Mommy.)

Grady and Oliver.

Participant medals.

Some of our den up there!


Oliver's name up there!

The track.



Oliver was hungry.

He wanted a hot dog but they ran out.

Derby heat list.  Confusing.  

Most of the pack's cars!

Two dads run the derby and offer building workshops
at their homes.  This dad is one of them and he is
figuring out the winners!  

Grandma came to watch the big event!

Caleb from our den.  His car won the most

The other dad who runs the derby stuff.

Announcing the winners!

3rd Place for Oliver!  Just like last year!

2nd place for Noah!  It is first Derby!
Boys with their trophies and Noah's cousin.

Winning Scouts!

Oliver is already strategizing for next year!

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