Sunday, March 6, 2016


After a busy weekend, we spent the day at home resting, creating, a doing other good stuff- like HOMEWORK!  

Bike ride.

Our friend.

We came back from our bike ride and a neighbor
had left some Scouting for Food items on our porch.

Oliver checked it out and then went scouting 
around the neighborhood to collect what people

Mommy is proud of Oliver.  She wants him to know it!

He got a little upset for a second when a couple people
on our street didn't donate.  This is such a good learning
experience!  He felt better when he learned that the
bag on the porch was from Irma and Sergio.  

Collecting, collecting, collecting!

Last house to donate items!  We will turn it all in
at the Pinewood Derby next Saturday!

Oliver is off with his Daddy after school tomorrow because Mommy has her once a month early meeting.  They are going to finish the final touches on Oliver's derby car! (Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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