Friday, March 4, 2016

San Diego Gulls

  Here are some words....Oliver got invited to go to the San Diego Gulls hockey game by the San Diego Boy Scout Council for being the top popcorn seller in Pack 659.  He got to go behind the scenes to high five the players as they got on the ice.  It was fun, fun, fun!

Grammie helped get Oliver from school so that
we could head straight to the Sports Areana.  Lots
of Friday traffic, we made it with ten minutes to spare!

Going behind the scenes.

So much fun!  He loved it!

Such a neat opportunity!  He was even on the TV screen
in the arena later! 

Katy Perry...Mommy saw her at the Sports
Arena in 2011.  (Its been a long time.)

The mascot.

We love watching hockey!  Oliver loved the fist fight 
that broke out and the slamming of players into the
wall!  Its also kind of neat when their hockey sticks
break in half!

Be silly.

Later, we were laughing about something!

We'll be back!  So fun!  Only $18 for tickets in
the last level and we could see perfectly! 

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