Saturday, March 5, 2016


We had a day of favorites.  We went to our favorite race, Finish Chelsea's Run.  Then spent a day together at Sea World doing our favorite things- getting free stuff and riding rides!

We got there at 6:30 am to take the shuttle bus.
We didn't want to be rushed to find street
parking or get a parking ticket like last year!

Watching a news lady.

Chelsea's favorite flower.

We gave a bear to a young girl who has started a
project to collect new bears to fire departments
and police officers to comfort children in need.

We donated the little brown bear.  

National anthem by the most amazing young Girl
Scout singer.

Start line.

Chelsea's dad thanked everyone for being there
and told everyone to thank their legs at mile one.
We heard tons of people saying thank you.

Sweetness.  They are an inspiration.  


Running the race.  Beautiful music along the course.

Heading down HWY 163.  

This entire picture perfectly complements
our Christmas card saying...(Don't you think?)

Lots of kids running this race and they were all excited
about the police officers!  

Oliver's future high school's drumline!


He did an amazing job and did not complain
once!  This is always such an amazing race
to run and Mommy is glad Oliver likes it too!

Choosing our sunflowers!


Mrs. Belko, Oliver's 1st grade teacher saw
him and called him out!  He loves her!

What we will do to make a difference.

Results.  About the same as our last race!  This was
the most crowded race we have run together.  It
makes it pretty tough sometimes.  But Mommy is
proud of Oliver's dedication.

The race fees and other donations go to scholarships
for local high school students.  These are the colleges 
they are attending!  They all ran the race and went
up on stage too! 

On our way back to the shuttle we found a Little
Free Library!

And a cute bunny and enclosure!

Happy, happy.  Mommy likes to see him like this!

We were resourceful and changed in the old gym!

Then went to Sea World where we got in free, got
neat free swag, and were fed free lunch!

Oliver convinced me to go on this roller coaster.  It
was fun but crazy!

The food was ok, but the view was great!

We went on Journey to Atlantis 3 times!

The time when we were alone in the boat we got
DRENCHED.  Mommy's shoes, socks, and jeans
were completely wet.

He played!  He wanted Mommy to come up there...
she was too tired.

Educational Shamu show for teachers.  It was neat
and informative.

Mommy promised him he could go on it one more time.

He went by himself though.  Mommy was still wet
and very tired.  We went on some other rides too.  Since
we couldn't do them with Claire last time it seems like
thats what we spent most of the day doing.  It was fun!

Happy Saturday!

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