Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hot Chocolate 5K

Oliver woke up at 3:00 am asking if it was time to get up yet.  He couldn't go back to sleep.... 

We had a fun time in the city, running his biggest, most crowded race yet!  

Early start time.  

He was excited!

Start line!

We were standing next to the Central
Library.  Mommy couldn't help but
think of all the studying she needs
to do this week.

Getting closer.

The corrals behind us!

There we go!  Lots of little hills and fun things
to look at in the city!

In motion.

Chocolate station!

He liked how people would yell and scream in the

Speeding to the finish line!

Crossed it!

Only picture Mommy got of the finish line!  Oops!


So much fun!

We ate a little bit and then saved the rest for later.
We also got really nice jackets at this race and headbands!


Larabar was generous and donated snack for
two practices for Mommy's Girls on the Run team
when Mommy asked.  So nice!

Mommy liked this sign.  Best sign she
has EVER seen at a race.  So sweet.

(The chocolate was making Mommy feel
 a little tipsy.)  

Just fun city pictures.

We pretended we were staying in luxury at the Hilton
and walked around the lobby near the parking structure.

More exercise.

On our way home we saw the 15K runners...

And we stopped at IKEA to eat breakfast!
The rest of the day was great, with just a little
meltdown before bed because someone was TIRED!

Oliver and Scout are being babysat tomorrow by Maggie!  Oliver will be off with his Daddy for the rest of the week to enjoy his Spring Break.  Mommy will see Oliver on Friday for another nice together weekend.  

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