Saturday, March 19, 2016


We were getting ready for things today and so ready for things today!

So ready for the library to be done with its
modernization project.  

It makes Mommy sad.  It is really hard to get
the same environment for intense studying/getting
things done as she had it figured out here.  She'll
figure it out, but is grateful it will be open for
the her summer courses and her fall culminating course.

We were ready to see the makeshift library.  Only the 
children's area is opened, but it has been transformed.

Bathrooms are outside.

Entrance is through the garden.

The library is not there anymore.  Pout.

Even the puppets are on vacation.
(Mommy is ready.)

Getting ready for our Hot Chocolate 5K race tomorrow:

Peek at the Expo!

First we had to go pay for parking.

We got some good exercise.

Back to the expo.

Mommy has always wanted to do this race, but it
was a little pricey and no fun to go to all alone.
Now she has a buddy for the fun kind of races!

Chocolate stations along the course.

Marshmallows Mommy!

He won a hat at a game.

After that Mommy had no problem finding him.

There he is...

We are really looking forward to our race in the 
morning.  It starts early!  6:45, so we've got to 
get up early!!!

So ready to see some plays this year too...


We like cities!

And old signs!

We came home because we were so ready for play 
and homework:


Play.  We are watching Scout for Oliver's Daddy.

Homework.  Mommy will get it done.  Its just
a little more difficult without her favorite library.
Oh well.  

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