Saturday, April 16, 2016

Scout Fair

Oliver had an awesome time at the Scout Fair.  Mommy took a bunch of pictures.  Lots of food pics of the camping food different troops make.  It was yummy- but definitely not healthy and definitely taking a chance with a bunch of boys doing the cooking!  We also did fun activities!  Enjoy!

Fried Twinkee.

A troop from Escondido that Oliver can join after
being Cub Scouts.

Not healthy food.


Making pancake holder to put pudding in,
he remembers them from last year!

Isaac the Pinewood Derby winner from our pack
competed against the district.   He didn't advance,
but he did great overall!




We raced.

Mommy won.  She played fair.  

Wyoming, Oliver is going there in the summer
with his Daddy.

Illinois and Indiana, we are going to these two
states this summer.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.  

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