Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jr. Carlsbad

Jr. Carlsbad 2016 today!  Mommy will write a little tomorrow night.  She has to get some sleep!  Busy day tomorrow.  For now enjoy some cuteness.  

Walking to the race, parking is always an adventure:
(Mommy needs a chauffeur.) 
Mommy taught Oliver the word "Hangry."  He
thought it was funny.  Mommy DOES NOT think
it is funny when he gets Hangry.

Race Time:

He was pretending to be mad.

One mile this year for Oliver!

The 101.

Mommy loves this picture!

Finish line!


Meeting Team Cousin:
Mommy's sweet nieces.  They both LOVE to run!
Mommy's training is working.  She may just have 
some future run buddies!

The annual picture:

Someone new joined!  Can you tell who it is?


These two enjoy each others company.  They just
don't want anyone to know about it.

Grammie and Waylon.

The Loflens and Oliver.

Reporter Claire!  She got the notepad
from a police officer.

Dancing in the streets!

Cheering for one-mile adult runners!

She saw an upside down Mickey on the wall.


Start line for 4 year olds.  We mushed them all in 
the same race because of transportation reasons...

Yay!  Claire was looking at a giant
green troll behind us....



They always hold hands when they stand next to
each other.  It is the best thing ever!

Claire left us in her dust and never looked back!

Waylon did an awesome job!

Claire getting her medal.

Waylon getting his medal.

Snack time.

He is so appreciative of the snacks.

Shane's turn!

He was being goofy and it was hard to get
his race bib on!

He needed a lot of help at the start line.

Look at his smile!  Right at the camera!

Kisses and hugs.

Shane's fans!

Oliver loves to help his Cousin Shane!

Worked up an appetite!

Talking to Dr. Pearson!  We saw him Friday afternoon
for an appointment for Mommy, so we told him
we;d stop by!  He always volunteers at this race.

Results for Oliver!

We picked up Mommy's race bib!  It is challenging
to run 4 5ks, but so fun and different!  

We lost our keys.  We found our keys.  So grateful.


Oliver took Mommy to his favorite new sandwich
shop in Escondido.  It was good.

Mommy had to make some adjustments to Oliver's
sandwich.  When will he start eating veggies? 

We LOVE this race and this day.  Mommy already
registered all the kids for next year!  

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