Sunday, April 3, 2016


Today was a Sunday Funday!  Oliver hung out with Grammie in the morning while Mommy ran an All Day 20K.  Not really all day, last race was at 9:30!  

Carlsbad 5000. She got a decent time in her
first race, which is where she tries her hardest.
21:30ish.  It was perfect, cool, overcast weather!

Mommy really likes these races!

She ran a nice pace the last race and stopped
to take a picture!  She usually doesn't run with
her camera unless she is with Oliver.  Love.

Our funny Doctor was there both days.  He always
helps out at the race.  Mommy is glad she didn't
need help or Team Cousin yesterday!

 After we studied at the coffee shop for a little bit and
then went to Oliver's Step Cousin, Julian's 10th Birthday party:

Julian likes creepy things.

Mommy likes their neat pallet furniture!

Creepy egg hunt!

Oliver's newest cousin, Hazel Drew.  You'll see more
pictures of her, don't worry!

That is Julian standing up.


Playing who can keep the straightest face while
eating a warhead...

Not Oliver!


Look at the cousins looking at each other!  Sweet!

Cake time.

Happy Birthday Julian!

Silly.  Oliver is looking forward to attending his
annual summer camp at the Natural History Museum and
Julian will be attending too!  Fun!

(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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