Monday, April 18, 2016

Humble and Kind

Mommy really likes the song by Tim McGraw called, Humble and Kind.  We listened to it today on the way to the lake and at home.  We may not always be humble or kind, but we strive to be.  (No one is perfect.)  It is Mommy's goal to teach Oliver these traits.  Make sure you listen to the song and watch the video if you can.  

Before school he was hanging out on the steps.

Getting all the sunflower seeds from the sunflower.
Mommy was going to bring them to school, but she
is glad he wanted to work on them.

Bike Ride after school:

Being responsible and getting his bike.  We are worried
we might hurt the gears.  Any suggestions?

It was hot out these and he gets flushed!  But, so

Listen and watch.

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