Saturday, April 30, 2016


We started our day with a plan and stuck to it.  Our day was full of productivity.

Home Depot:

Saturday morning workshop and Plant Fair!

He built a birdhouse and worked on it by himself
while Mommy shopped for a few things that were
on a great special.


We thought the camera at the self-check-out was
a little funny.  

Excited because we came back out to hear the raffle
winner and Grammie came to see us and the fair!  
It's great that Home Depot can provide us with such
great entertainment.  (Mommy is easy to please.) 


Mommy gardened while Oliver came in and out.
We got all our spring starters in the ground and 
started some more.


Oliver needed his tended too and so did Mommy.
The nail ladies are not impressed when Mommy
gardens before she goes.  Oh well. Her nails
are always a mess anyway.


No picture of Mommy trying to get her assignment
complete while Oliver was taking a bath, playing
with air soft guns, asking for dinner.  Assignment
WILL GET DONE tomorrow.

Happy Saturday!

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