Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Mommy's break is full of productivity with a little bit of rest.  Oliver gets to be part of it all!  Mommy picked up Oliver a few minutes early from school to avoid the traffic so we could get to Encinitas for his 6 month dental appointment.

We had an hour to spare so we got some books
for an animal report he needs to work on:

Seed pod.

We had to pick up his ant farm and movies he left
at Grammie:

We got to see this little person.  Mommy swears he
said, "O O O" for Oliver. 

Baby head.  So cute.


Mommy studied for a little bit while Oliver got 

Happy clean teeth!

Learning about his teeth.

He might need orthodontia on the right bottom side
of his mouth.  We'll know more by his 10th birthday.
No cavities!  He just needs to brush longer and start


Mommy had to attend an online meeting about her 
summer internship!

She is really excited to intern at the Oceanside and
Encinitas campuses of Mira Costa Community
College!  (It's going to be a busy summer.)

Oliver's math homework ended up on the floor...

He had been working nicely while Mommy was
in her meeting.

But in a flash he was gone when the neighbor kids
came over.  Mommy was okay with that.  She
wants him to be able to place with nice kids.

Mommy found his spelling test!  Yay!

Studying Cyber nettique for Cub Scouts.  Perfect timing 
with the arrival of his iPad!

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