Sunday, April 10, 2016


Oliver came home this afternoon, he brought a new to him mountain bike with him.  We practiced our gears together on some of the hills by our home.  Mommy likes to ride uphills on her mountain bike.  Oliver was always jealous, so now he can do it too!  

Parking his bikes inside the Bernadette room.

We are going to leave them outside and in
the garage more.  

We have a lot of cabbage in our garden.  It is starting to 
grow the cabbage heads.  We have never had cabbage
in our vegetable crop!  Mommy is looking up
information about harvesting.  We've got some
kind of bug, but that's ok!


Oliver and Mattias hanging out back by the range.

Mommy had a very productive spring break but she
never got out to plant our starters and start some more.
Oh well, we'll get it done sometime!
Mommy is glad Oliver is home.

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