Sunday, April 17, 2016

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day at the annual Earth Day Fair in Balboa Park.  We put on our shirts from 2 years ago and headed down to have fun!  The true Earth Day is on Friday!


We got there early, so traffic and parking were not
totally crazy yet.

Oliver loved these!

Recycle projects.



Mommy likes to learn about chakras.

Mommy's favorite scent is lemongrass. 
She bought some candles, these are hard to find!

Planting seeds with a hippy girl.

Watermelon seed in clay ball.


Making a recycled bag.

Nice lady helping.

Mommy not helping.

Recycled bag!  We could do this with A LOT of
Mommy's race t-shirts.

We went to the puppet show too!

Oliver got something to quench his thirst.

It was an awesome show!

Pallet ideas.  Trying to get Oliver

He learned about how you should put hair in the
trash, not down the drain or flushed down a toilet.
It is too hard on the water system.

We stopped by their booth.  We met a really nice docent.


Someone forgot their bike.

We celebrated the rest of Earth Day at home and
had fun with a treasure from our garden.  Mommy's
thumb is still green, even if she can hardly be out there!

Happy Earth Day!  Remember to care for our environment every single day!  

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