Monday, April 11, 2016


We went for a run/bike ride at the lake this evening.  Oliver tested out his bike on the hills, Mommy tested her camera out on the birds.  We both had great success!

He was ready to go.  Took his own bike out, crossed 
the street safely, and told Mommy to hurry up!  

Two bugs.


Beetle bug.

He took off today.  Mommy was a little slow.
Her inner thigh muscles feel like they are being
stretched like a rubber band.  Probably from her
crazy trail 1/2 marathon on Saturday.  (She thought
you'd like to know that.)

The dock.

An egret down on the pole.

Zooming in.



He made it up the steepest hill on his bike!  Yes!

Up close.

From afar.

So glad we can exercise together.  

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