Sunday, April 24, 2016


Oliver had a really great time camping and came home this morning.  Yay for Cub Scout camping!

Mommy picked up Oliver at 2:00 this afternoon, he wanted to show her his new baby chickens.  Mommy told him awhile ago that he could have chickens in our backyard coop if he took care of them, fed them, and cleaned up their smelly gross yuckiness.  So he kind of figured out a way to talk his Daddy into buying him a bunch of chickens and now we will be having chickens in our backyard. Once the chickens lay eggs, he will be selling most of the eggs to pay for his project.  His chickens will be coming to our home once they are ready for the coop.  THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE OUR HOME OR IN THE GARAGE. PERIOD.

Showing Mommy a chick.

Telling Mommy his scheme.  He is pretty
good at planning things.

Americana chick that will lay green eggs.

More chicks.


We rode our bikes for our groceries this evening.

(Purple flowers.)

We had a really nice weekend.  

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