Saturday, November 10, 2012


Oliver came home early this morning and we played with one of our old sidekick baby girls!  We played for along time, gardened, Oliver sold animals, and then we went for a nice long walk!

The walk started out in a sort of crabby mood. 

In the stroller and....

out of the stroller!

He asked about this sign.  Mommy explained it to him!

He wanted to get a closer look at the horse!

He found some yummy things at Sprouts!
Pumpkin Pie Tarts!

While our Sidekick slept in her sparkly boots!

We walked over to Major Market to check
out their Christmas goodies!

Oliver wanted to put the rat he got at the drug store
for a quarter with the Owl and red bird!  

(Mommy would like this for Christmas.)

Making bird tracks with his cart and rat
at Trader Joes!

He disappeared while Mommy was looking at the salads!
He came back with a sample of pumpkin pie!

Yum!  His had whip cream on top though!  Of course!

Oliver is off with his Daddy until tomorrow at 5:00.  Mommy is looking forward to seeing him tomorrow!  

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  1. In & Out again! I've still never been to World Market!

    I'm watching the Monkees right now. I love them!