Sunday, November 11, 2012

Transition Time

Usually on Sundays Mommy and Oliver go to the Lake when Oliver comes home, it is a nice transition!  But it gets dark right away now!  So tonight we had fun and ate dinner at In-N-Out and then went to look at some fun stuff at our favorite store, World Market!  

We had a really nice rest of the evening together!

Happy Sunday!  

Oliver brought his rat who had a cast on his leg!

Our food!  Mommy got the "Protein Style" Burger...

So she would have room for some of these!
(Still had some leftovers....)
In-N-Out is really yummy!

We went to World Market to look
at the animal ornaments...

and to walk off our burgers!

Oliver likes all the animals at World Market!

Mommy liked the chair.  Oliver snapped this funny
picture.  (Mommy can't think of a caption, but there
could be an interesting one if someone thought 
about it long enough.)

Mommy likes this ornament!  


Nice Words.

Mommy likes this mixing bowl too.  
(Mommy is glad she has a camera to take pictures
of everything she likes, but can't always have, or
even maybe doesn't have room for!)

Oliver chose a red seahorse!

We also looked at the Halloween stuff!

Oliver got some crows and Mommy got a kaleidoscope!  

At home, Oliver took Mommy's camera and
snapped some photos!

Good Night!
(Sweet dreams!)  

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