Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Oliver had a great day at school!  We had some errands to run after school, not always fun because he is a tired Kindergarnter!  But we did our best to have fun, but we were running into some bad luck...

The Vons gas station was closed for refilling.
Bummer!  Cheapest gas in town!

We drove around in a circle forever waiting for a 
parking spot at the bank in the same lot.  Annoying!
Oliver thought is was kind of funny though.

Mommy was hoping for some better luck here.  She
likes to vote in person because you get to see who
your neighbors are, it is interesting, its good
for Oliver, and she just likes it.  She was hoping
that Oliver behaved himself!

He did!!!  Because Mari and our neighborhood
Mom were there too!  Oliver was respectful
and quiet!  

Talking to the man at the sign-in booth!

Getting our stickers!

Listening to the woman tell him something.
Mommy feels pretty lucky that Oliver
loves learning!

Finally, we were extra lucky with the book that Oliver
chose from his school library!  It is due back tomorrow
so we read it!  It was about a Pirate and we had
to solve fun problems at each page! (Mommy likes a
pirate!) Our brains were working
 hard right before bedtime!

Happy Election Day!

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