Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Donut Wednesday

Yippie Donut Wednesday!  We woke up early and headed for the donut shop!  Oliver thought it was funny that we got to come home after our donut adventure!  We had a nice time together!  

He played when we got home, helped Mommy with the babies, and cuddled with Mommy for a little bit!  Mommy has enjoyed having Oliver home this week!  He has been a good listener and very helpful!

Happy Wednesday!  Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Foggy morning donut shopping.

Monkey on a mission!

Jelly Donuts.

Oliver's Donut.

(Insert Photo of Mommy's Donut Hole here.)
She forgot to take a picture of it!!!

Mommy's Coffee.
(More now please.)

Oliver at home snacking on pop chips and listening
to Stories From Sideways School!  He loves
listening to books on tape!  Yippie!

Oliver is off with his Daddy now for the Thanksgiving weekend.  Mommy misses her little bird already.  She will see him at 5:00 on Sunday!  Enjoy your Thanksgivings!  

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