Saturday, November 17, 2012


We started our day at Grammie and Grandpa's house!  Oliver played while Mommy took a Y break.  Then we headed to the library for the Family Open Art Studios and to practice some reading!  

Returning our goodies.

We were a little early so we and did our reading first!

But we peeked at the art project!

Little reader!  He is very good at the comprehension,
we just need to work a lot on sight words and sounding
out words.  Not just memorizing!  Oliver has a good 

His movie choices!

He told Mommy the other day he doesn't always
like her stories that she listens to in the car.  So,
we got one that he would like!  Mommy likes 
kid stuff too, so we were both giggling on
the way home!

Art Invite

We rechecked out the gallery first!

Then we made our own skateboards!

Riding his skateboard!

(Mommy was inspired to make one too.)

Getting another mini skateboard for 
the collection that are still skating in 
our library bag!

We did some photography art!  Mommy
told Oliver that taking pictures is also a form
of art.  (Mommy likes to take pictures!)
Oliver wanted to pretend like he was sad
because he just crashed on his board!

He took one of Mommy being sad too!

And, he wanted one more!  Mommy
liked both!

We had a nice time at the Art Studio!

Then we came home to rest for a little bit and then....

We got a pizza for our daycare date night!
Five boys!!!  They ate up the pizza fast!
The night went smooth and they are all
fast asleep now!  

Happy Saturday!

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