Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Oliver had a really great, active day at home!  He played a lot, read a lot, helped Mommy with the babies, and even went for a wagon ride/walk!  In the evening we started to unpack our Christmas decorations!  Mommy would like Oliver to see all of it and be apart of putting up a little bit of it!  

We had fun looking at all our goodies and also taking a break at World Market tonight!  World Market is so much fun!

Working on our new tree that we
adopted from the Estate Sale.

Dusty Christmas boxes!  Mommy
thinks there must be one more out in
the garage!  She is missing some
important things!

Our little evening break!


You should have heard Oliver's
gasp when he saw this lollypop!  

Back home we sat together and ate
dinner!  Then Oliver went on an
animal rampage!  Playing, talking,
having Mommy help with jars!
While Mommy tried to work on
our Christmas stuff!  

He eventually settled down!  With his
animals of course.

Mommy just did some easy decorating tonight!

Our tree needs lights, probably some more
trim and this one is going to be our animal
tree!  So it needs some animals!!!

We set up Santa in the hallway!
(He says he will protect us!)

Happy Tuesday!

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