Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fun Saturday!

We had another fun, full Saturday!  We started off at Grammie's house and of course, Mommy took a ton of pictures:

Mommy's Run/Y Break


Someone special came along on our adventure!

We stopped and Oliver got to practice
using a fire extinguisher!  

Oliver did an awesome job!  The Firefighters asked
him if he would like to come back to the fire house
and finish the shift with them!  Oliver gave them
the funniest look!

We love the library!  There is always so much for
us to learn there!

Mommy had to pick up a book that
was on hold.  Oliver helped Mommy
found her book...

J.K. Rowling's first novel written
for adults!  Mommy is excited to read it!

Oliver also got his last coupon for the
In-n-Out reading program!

Enjoying the doll house!

Rachel helping Mommy check out
our books!

Garden play!

Birthday Party

Danielle and James had their 5th and 3rd Birthday
Party together at Art Soup!

We got sidetracked at the light by the cow 
holding up a sign for free sandwiches at 
Chick-Fil-A!  They just opened!
(Mommy needs help cleaning her windshield.)

Birthday girl!

Painting a Beetle!

Birthday Boy!

Main Art Project!

Mommy helped Oliver a little bit.

Treasure map coloring!

Waiting for pizza!

Making Wishes!

Retrieving their little people!

Trying to get a group picture!

Danielle and Oliver!

We had an awesome time at the party!


We swam!

Oliver named his little guy, "Fade."
Fade watched us as we swam!

He even slid down the slide!


He waited in the car for us.

As we ate dinner with Rachel, Aunt Ali, and Grammie!


Oliver set up an "Animal Fair" when we got home.
Fade helped him collect the money for the animals
that Oliver sold.  

We had a really nice day!  We really look forward to the the time change tonight!  We are tired from our busy day, an extra hour of sleep would be nice!  (Timing is everything!)  Happy Saturday!

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