Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cousin Sunday!

We had a really great, busy Sunday!  We started our morning with some Kindergarten reading practice and then a cartoon and Y break!  Then Mommy and Oliver went swimming for a little bit!  

Then off to Balboa Park for the Puppet Theatre with Oliver's silly cousins!  Yippie!  Mommy took a ton of pictures today:


Practicing looking both ways!

Organized by color!


Calm, very warm pool today!

Balboa Park

Claire Baby, always sleeping!


Hmmm, Mommy's favorite!
Ok, wait, they are all Mommy's

Pretty sissys with all the babies!

This picture cracks Mommy up!

The show we watched!  Fantastic!


After the show!  They each got to pet
the doggy!  Even Claire pet the dog!

Check out the upcoming shows!

Oliver chose a skunk finger puppet today!
Mommy supports his animal habit!  

Ready for a walk!

To Germany!

We got some Koffie!

And we all shared a taste of apple strudel!

More Pretty Claire!

Visiting the United States of America!

We had a taste of peach pie.
It was pretty!

Tree Climber!

More Claire!


Its easy to get this kid to laugh!

Animal Oliver at the playground!

Crawling!  Too scared to walk across the bridge!

Elephant play!

(Elephant play!)

More elephant play!


So easy to please this kid!

Lovey dovey!  

Mommy loves this silly kid!



We were able to eat dinner with our family!
It was a bit of a stretch for Oliver, since
we've had such a busy day!  But we had fun!

Milk Walk

Inner peace!

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