Sunday, November 4, 2012


We had a really nice Sunday together!  Oliver visited with Grammie for a little bit in the morning while Mommy had her Y break!  Then we went swimming and to the library!  We love our together weekends!

Checking both ways!

Asking for our swim bracelets.

We have been using the noodles!
Mommy swims better with these and Oliver
is gaining even more confidence with them!
He holds on to the end while Mommy pulls
him, he still wants to stay close to the wall.
Baby strokes!

Mommy took this picture while she was
waiting for Oliver to come back and put his shoes on.
Pretty, pretty tree!

We didn't have anything to return.  He waited in line anyways.
The lady to the right of him gave him one of her books to return!

Reading and earning points....

that he spends on his space room!  

Tired after swimming and reading.

We walked to the coffee shop for a drink!

Looking at the teaspoon set for Mommy.
He remembers she would like a set sometime!

Milk Walk

We went for our milk walk tonight!  Oliver fell asleep
when we were in Vons!  So, Mommy read a magazine!

Mommy can't believe Christmas is almost here!
(Good stuff!)

Trader Joe's our destination!
Someone found a deep inner peace!  

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