Friday, November 2, 2012

Book Fair

Oliver had a good day at school!  On Fridays he is usually pretty tired so we ate dinner, played a little, and tried to rest before the school book fair!  Oliver has been really set on going because of the cookie and hot chocolate!  Mommy loves Scholastic Book Fairs!  So we went...

Picking up Oliver at school!

He was so cute when she picked him up.

We went to see where the book fair was located.  Oliver
read "book" on the sign all by himself!

He was also wearing his pants backwards
today.  Cutie patooty!

We peeked in and then went home for awhile!

When we came back, Oliver was in his jammies.
It was wear your jammies night at the book fair!

Mommy liked some of the bookmarks!

We thought the joke book was neat, but Oliver
chose a nice Shark book instead.

We looked at the zombie pens in line too!
We both felt a little like zombies.
We had just waited in a long line for hot chocolate and cookies.
And then the volunteer PTA mom announced that
there was no more hot chocolate or cookies.  
Oliver got really, really sad. He put his head into
Mommy's arm and started to cry.  Mommy lead
him to a corner where she could hug him...
and then he got a huge bloody nose!  
Poor baby! 

So, after we got our books we went to Starbucks
for hot cocoa and a treat.
(Mommy felt like she owed it to Oliver.  He is a good sport!)

(Mommy's book.)

Reading his shark book.  He knew a lot about sharks
already flipping through the pages!  We will learn more!

Happy Friday!

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