Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spring is Almost Here

It feels like spring....
Spring time at the library.

Look how pretty!

 Springtime because of St. Patty's Day:
Annette sent us these pictures she took last
night.  Oliver wouldn't be normal, so Mommy
messed with him big time.

Definitely spring time in our Follow Your Heart Garden:

Lots of harvest under all our weeds.

Mommy's wrist is better but its been tough to get
out there.  Her other wrist has been real tired.
Another surgery in about a month.  Then 
we'll be able to get our garden in better order.

Mommy misses gardening so much.  Its been a long time.

Spring in the front yard.

Wisteria is back!

Mommy needs to work on carrot growing.

But we got tons of peas!

And, of course spring time at the ball fields:

Corn dogs!

Oliver got hit pretty hard with the ball on his leg when he was up to bat.  He took it like a trooper.  We'll keep our eye on it.  Its going to be bruised for sure.  We had a nice spring day.

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