Saturday, March 25, 2017


Mommy is going to try and make it through the writing of this blog.  How she finished her masters degree so quickly and kept up on all the writing she has NO idea!  She can't even stay awake to write a few sentences here.  

This first.....Oliver got this award yesterday at school from
his 3 3rd grade teachers.  He got the top reader in 3rd grade
award for trimester two!  He is reading at a 6.1 which is 6th
grade level.  Mommy is so proud of him!

Now this:

Baseball!  His friends watched him!
So did a bunch of Cub Scout parents
who were mingling around and his Grandma
and Alan!

They lost, but had a good game!

Coach talk at the end.

Oliver got the game ball for some of his
plays and his improvements!

The coach signs it at the end.
Very sweet!

They were very proud of him!  Oliver
loves having visitors at his games!

On the way home Oliver noticed them mad hanging from 
a rope.  It was a dummy.  Phew.

We had to pick up Mommy's race stuff later:

She'll be running the first ever Encinitas Half Marathon.
Wish her luck.  Her mantra is to just run happy.
She's been sick with a nasty cold all week.

Maybe, kind of ready.  

It starts and ends at Moonlight Beach.  

Later we went back to Kit Carson Park to practice hitting:

Oliver wanted Mommy to wear Uncle Tommy's
old glove.  Sweetness.

We were trying to figure out what this
looks like a special heart.  Maybe a good luck

Oliver is really loving baseball.  Like a whole bunch.

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