Monday, March 6, 2017

Planning and Practing

 Oliver spent the day learning at school, planning his pinewood derby car in his head, and practicing baseball.  It was a good day...until we both got insanely tired when practice ended 1/2 hour late at 8:40 and we still had to go to the sporting good store because he grew out of his cleats!  Bedtime.

Pinewood planning at the Ginders.
Mommy had to drop stuff off for the
leaders meeting...she can't make it now
because of baseball.  

Derby stuff.

A scale.  So official.  Mommy will take Oliver to the
weigh in on Thursday night.


Oliver has a game on Thursday night too!

Oliver is off with his Daddy tomorrow to get his pinewood derby car done.  Mommy will see Oliver on Thursday for a busy afternoon/evening!  

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