Saturday, March 4, 2017

Finish Chelsea's Run and BASEBALL

We ran our favorite race this morning and Grammie came along to absorb the atmosphere, the inspiring vibe, and to make us laugh!  After we had a day full of baseball.  Oliver loves it!

Sleepy still.

She made us giggle....

 We think it's funny when Grammie takes
our pictures....she is funny with technology.


Live music!

If you spy Oliver, he is super embarrassed,
but having fun.  Mommy got all the cheerleaders
to secretly cheer out his name!

They thought he was cute when he got
super duper embarrassed.  He liked it!

Mommy told him we had to run home.

He didn't like that.  Perk up!

Happy at the end!

Chelsea's beautiful parents.

Our beautiful Grammie.


Then baseball....

Later he bought his own baseball cards
with Mommy.

We look forward to a little more rest tomorrow.  We need it!

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