Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 Pinewood Derby

 Oliver had a fantastic time at the Pinewood Derby!  He placed 3rd in the Bear Division!  That is the 3rd year in a row he has placed 3rd!  Awesome!  We had fun being there, watching, and listening to the cheers of the Scouts and families!

Oliver found $3 on the ground early on...

It ended up being Noah's...he loses a lot 
of stuff!

Oliver had already bought his hot dog with
some of them money, but he graciously gave
it back when he found our it was Noah's.
Mommy is thankful.  

Oliver's card.

Grady's car...his won the whole derby!
He is off to compete against other
grand winners at the Scout Fair in April.

Oliver was super excited the rest of the day and could NOT sit still.  Mommy is exhausted.  She is glad he is home.

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