Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Mommy is full of gratitude today for friends and Oliver's emerging sportiness. 

Mommy dropped him off before 7:00
at Grady's.  Mommy had an early staff meeting
and Oliver got to play and eat a big normal
yummy breakfast!

After school, when Mommy picked him up
at the Club we were headed to JJ....but he
had a massive bloody nose.  Part dry air, part
getting hit in the face with a dodgeball.
By the time we got to JJ, we decided to just
walk around Grand and go to the Farmer's Market.
He was better.  We'll try JJ tomorrow.

We did check out an in progress antique shop.

Mommy has her eye on this....
Oliver also got fried cat fish at the market
and we shared kettle korn.  It was nice
playing hooky with him.

We went to Scouts to night and picked up Noah who
was very excited to bring his nerf guns.  Grateful for
his silly face.

Also, for these boys and their den.

Happy Tuesday!

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