Thursday, March 9, 2017

Baseball and Derby

 We had a busy evening.
Thanks to Jennifer and Noah, Oliver got to his practice
and game on time.  Mommy met him there.  It was a close
game, Oliver's team lost by one.


They get a ticket for the snack bar.  Sweet.

Pinewood derby car weigh in:

Oliver's car was a but over.  We'll showcase
his design on Sunday.  After about 30 minutes
of working with some dads, Oliver car is fine!
Mommy played with one of these baby
twins who was getting antsy, while his
dad fixed his heavy car too.

It happens.

Cubmaster Juan, helping Oliver and being
so patient.  Our pack is lucky.

Oliver will be back with his Daddy tomorrow afternoon.  Mommy will see him on Saturday for his baseball game at 1:00 and his Pinewood Derby on Sunday at 12:00!  Fun!  Lots of fun and friends to look forward too!  

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