Sunday, November 13, 2016

Satisfying Sunday

We had a really nice Sunday.  

We got our dancing snowmen.  These aren't it. 
But Mommy thought these glasses holders were funny.

Best Buy:

We checked out an iPod Nano.  Oliver
is going to get one of these with his prize
order for popcorn sales.  He gets some
pretty amazing prizes for his hard work.


Say hello to the new additions to our singing snowmen family.


Mommy used to love Winco in Humboldt County.
She shops a little different now and doesn't cook a lot
anymore, but she still wanted to check the store out.

Oliver thought the frog legs were funny.

He got some crawdads.  Mommy made them for him
for dinner.

He liked bagging but was really slow.


Last game!  They lost by a few runs, but for the season
they had:
5 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie

That is pretty good!

Oliver made it to base twice!

He had one hit that brought 3 players in 
and Oliver made it to 2nd base!

They love to slide!

He found two baseballs in the dugout and was
very responsible ....he brought them to the coach 
in the parking lot instead of keeping them for
himself.  He loves baseball!

We'll definitely sign up for Spring ball and practice in the off season!  Mommy is proud of him!  

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