Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Donut Wednesday

We had a nice donut Wednesday.  Oliver worked on figuring out what a coyote was doing at 2:30 am in our backyard with our chickens after he ate his donut.  

Talking about the coyote's path.

We think he came through the side fence,
because it was opened.  Mommy had to turn
on the backyard light and make some noise
with a door so the coyote wouldn't eat the 
chickens.  It was kind of neat seeing a 
coyote in our city backyard.  
Mommy has seen them in the street when she
is on her early morning runs, but never in our yard!

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see Oliver on Friday night when she volunteers at the Bernardo Read Night bookfair and then on Sunday for baseball at 3:00!  He only has two more games, does anyone want to come watch!?

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