Saturday, November 26, 2016


It's Christmas time, for sure in our minds.

Cub Scout Pack Parade Float
We came late.  Mommy has no idea how to help
with cutting out wood, etc.

Cute Logan!

Oliver had fun playing.

But was not enthusiastic about helping.

Rick helped Oliver a little.  

The theme is route 66!  So fun!  Our float is a hotrod!
Right down our alley.

These two were the last scouts there,
while we were cleaning up.

We went shopping and decorated at home...
then visited Grady for a few minutes.

Here's his new chair...

and some passes he got for braking his
leg at the trampoline park.  He was
cautious and it was caused by a 
bigger boy.  So crazy.  

Ouch.  He's got to do a bit of sitting for awhile.

 We came home after to open all our Hallmark ornament
boxes and get them ready for our trees and watch Elf:

and round

and round...

it's never ending...

So are these....

Mommy wishes she could hold this baby one more time.

He could not stop laughing after Buddy the
Elf drank a whole bottle of Coca Cola in one
gulp then did the most gigantic burp, EVER!

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