Monday, November 7, 2016


Mondays are nice when Oliver wakes up on his own and is in a super good mood.  The time change probably helped with that and the thought of baseball practice!  He loves baseball!

He tried to get Cynthia's chickens back
in their cage but couldn't this morning.
Free range chickens.

Jennifer sent Mommy this picture of Oliver
when she picked him up today.  We
appreciate their help on Mondays with 
baseball! Today was the last practice for 
fall.  Hopefully we can figure out how
to make it work smoothly in the spring...
because Oliver is playing, "no matter what!"

Is that popcorn he is holding?  Mommy's popcorn duties and being the pack secretary continued tonight with a leader meeting.  Oliver went to his Daddy's for the night.  Mommy's early meeting was cancelled because of the election tomorrow, but he still went over there.  Mommy will see Oliver after school tomorrow.  She misses him.  

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