Monday, November 21, 2016

Busy, Busy

Oliver helped Mommy at the CW6 News Station this morning....he stood with a few of Mommy's running students, her Mileage Club helper/GOTR Coach, and a friend + GOTR Coach promote the Oceanside Turkey Trot.  Kathy the woman dressed as a turkey has given Mommy assistance and  some supplies for our her school's Mileage Club.  The kids were amazing and Mommy thankfully managed to not be on the television.....

It was a neat experience for the kids!

Mommy's helpers and Tricia, Mommy's teaching 
partner who helped coordinate getting the little
Oceanside runners to San Diego.

The newscasters desk was through that door!

The newscaster gave Tricia his phone to take pictures.
Tricia took selfies with one of our student's moms!

So cool!

Still time to sign up!

Rainbow afterwards!

Then a quick run for Mommy while Oliver
played with the cousins....

And we got to see the Magic Doctor!  Oliver for
his ear wax, he was just getting comfy here.  Mommy
for her mutated hands she has to get surgery on.  Ugh.

Now off to Dixson Lake for two days
of quiet city camping.  

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