Monday, November 14, 2016


We had a busy afternoon!

Looks like our gardener was busy today too.  He still
has A LOT to do....Mommy is tired of him taking
advantage of us.  She wants to give him the boot and
make him take everything from the shed.  Sigh.

Oliver loves martial arts!

Especially the rolling at the end.
Mommy would prefer savasana instead.

Pack Show.  Oliver, Noah, and Grady got to go on stage
with 2 others for selling the most popcorn!  Yay! 

Mommy needs to teach Oliver to be a little bit more
humble when going on stage.  She had a talk with him
about it and she will remind him again.

Noah being asked how he sold popcorn!

Den 7 also won the Invasion Laser Tag outing for
selling the most popcorn altogether!  Yay!

Our pack has sold $26,000 in popcorn.
Mommy can't wait to get the dwindling
deposits in and take them to the bank to 
balance the account.  It's almost done.

It was a busy nice day!

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